The little leaf has become an obsession. My sister and boyfriend keep calling them whale tales just to grind my gears a little bit. I let them think it works. It makes them feel successful... (that's just the nature of older sisters... and the boy and I just have fun with things like that- he's so insanely supportive that he's allowed to, and he thinks I'm cute, so I get way with it).

Did I mention that they are like male/female versions of one another? Yeah, like twins. We joke because her husband and I are a lot a like too- so her and I say that we picked each other... you know, in the boy form.

My sister and my boyfriend both enjoy relaxing, they take things slow and with thought (they also both have some weird obsession with Jurassic Park and Jurassic-Park-one-liner-battle each other, weird nerds). My sisters husband and I are whirl wind tornadoes with projects and ideas and things swirling around us all the time. I get bored so easily it's almost pathetic... like I'm an ADHD 5 year old.
I read that most artists are that way. That thy require more stimulation. I like to think it's because I have a fancy brain. ...because it doesn't sound bad if you say, "What? I just have a fancy brain." Right? Yes.   ...It's not seeing what's in front of it- it's seeing, twisting, turning, manipulating, and dreaming. Far beyond reality. Scratch out the word crazy. Carry the "a," "c," & "y." Replace some other letters...Fancy. See. It all makes so much sense. Super logic.

Let's work some pictures in here before you realize you're on the crazy train and jump off.

Can you tell I'm head over heels for my fossilized sand dollars? Yes, I've admitted to hoarding them in the past, but I'm setting them free now. They're so pretty they need to be shared. Oh, and there's that darned little leaf thing again. 

aaaand again. 

Oh, what the heck... and again...

Oooo, something different. I've been contemplating whether these should be vibrant and fun and full of resin. I can't decide. So, I decided. Both. Problem solved.  (hehe, did you notice I still snuck a leaf into this picture?.. sneaky girl.)

Don't they look fun all stacked up? Especially when the picture is slightly blurry, huh?


Go on and enjoy your Wednesday.  Maybe send out a email of a link... of a girls blog. A girl who would love more readers. A girl who wants to share her passion with others... Sharing is caring, and you do care don't you?

Stay vibrant my loves, you are all so deserving of color in your lives.