"In chaos, find simplicity."

Sometimes you just need to stop, relax, and create something as a reflection of that.

Don't think. Make it easy. Leave complexity for someone else. It's good for you, after all I am a professional.

The Tucson show went spectacularly, I drove home Sunday afternoon, and I was back at the bench Sunday night. It's been go go go go GO around here in preparation for Scottsdale Artfest.

I'm worried about my price range, I have been making so many fancy pants little things, that last night I pondered, questioned, realized, and decided that I needed to get simple. My best selling price range is $45-$80 and I definitely do not have enough made in that range. Art show makes me think impressive, makes me thinks fancy, makes me think high end, makes me make too many expensive items. Last night I focused on earrings in the $40-$50 dollar range. Sometimes it's easy for me and sometimes I am a complete, blank slate. The price of silver is of no help either.

So, here's to new ideas, to complex ideas with a simple price tag, to thinking outside of a different box.

Happy Tuesday lovely readers.
I am so thankful for each and every one of you.