There was a bug in my cereal this morning.

The keys on my macbook are becoming shiny with overuse.

Do you think the world is ending? Maybe I should start back stocking water now.

I'm gunna do this with no segway... After reading the blog of another artist, I have been stuck on the thought of poisonous people-- who would I be now if I hadn't encountered so many in my life. How many bad, sad, angry things have I seen in my life and how has it shaped who I have become. Who would I be if I lived in marshmallow land and was surrounded by only kind and happy people? Who would we be if we were our dogs, our pets, always happy, always living, good natured heartbeats and free of judgement.

Man, the world would be good. I feel disappointment in my humanity. Weakness in my bones. Nicotine in my words.  I feel as if I was supposed to live life as an animal. Wild, free, living with only the instinct to feed myself and continue on. How it must be to be born into this world as a furry creature. Four legs and a snout, a beak, wings.... how they must see us. How different the world must look... how differently, we as humans, already see it from one mind to the next. How different it is through a child's eyes before becoming so polluted. Sometimes I question if hope is enough. It isn't.

Lately, all I want to do is move to a farm house somewhere in the wild. The edge of something beautiful. Crisp wind and autumn coloring. Animals foraging outside of my studio window where I sit- light music, warm clothes, a cup of coffee, and my hammers all around me.  Away from people, away from mass production, away from the technology that is far beyond what I will ever need. Away. I wonder how I would grow. I want to grow. What would I miss?
photo from my travels in europe.