There's something quiet in my mind these days, slow in my heart, light in my step. Some sort of irreversible change in my pattern and beat to my heart.
The past few months have brought revelation and change, and I'm accepting it.

"One day you just wake up and you say, I want: x, y, z, and you know it's right."
It's something so many people have told me... and quite honestly, I wasn't sure if I was much of a believer.
Now, suddenly, it's something that is becoming so present in my everyday life, so revealing and apparent. It's something so strange.. yet in a way, so amazing. How your mind and heart, after such long quarrels, come to a decision, together.
I think that's the composition of how the "wake up epiphany" works (term coined by yours truly). A sudden merge of mind and heart. No longer a divide, nor even a superficial want, but exposed self truth. The relief that follows is proof. A calming know, a full breath of fresh and new and clean so far down into your belly, and an exhale just as abundant. True, built-in, blood in your veins, marrow in your bones, inherent inclination.

The world drops around, the necessity and plan and material of your epiphany grounded. And there you stand. In the know. Absolutely positive... and you need nothing more. You want nothing more. Vibrant as the mountains with their first drink of rain.

If you read the news, stop. If you follow celebrity gossip, stop. If you've spent more than a minute of your day recognizing its pit instead of its peak, stop. The squeaky wheel gets the oil, dear friends.  You can choose if that wheel is the wheel of negativity, sadness, grief or if that wheel will spin gold. Happiness. Joy. You name it, because you absolutely can.

Today my wheel is unicorns, rainbows, marshmallow land, annnnd a shh* ton of highly caffeinated coffee. Today I can see what's behind me without even turning around. Perspective is key, a mirror helps too. Silly.

Still reminiscing. Another picture from my travels through Europe.

Live simply.  Stay Vibrant.