Today, Felix Baumgartner jumped from the stratosphere. It was such a thrilling thing to watch. I can't even imagine the mass amount of emotions and adrenaline, fear, excitement he must have been feeling. When he opened the door and placed his feet outside of the shuttle, I felt so overwhelmed for him that I don't even think he needed to feel anything. It was absolutely indescribable, how he must have felt, how it felt just to be watching it... how he fell! How he toppled and turned and spun and flew... 500 miles per hour down to the earth- what an incredible thing for him, to be the person to do such a thing. Do you think anything in his life will ever ever ever top that experience? I can't imagine.

I try to think about all of the things that I really want in my life. What can I do to get here? How? When? Why haven't I already? Most of my answers start and end with the dollar sign... $.

I often wonder how people can afford to do such wonderful and lavish things/trips/etc...  or can they? Do they actually pay for it, or does a little square piece of plastic? Is it worth it to go into debt to experience some of the most amazing things our planet has to offer? Are the memories worth the price tag? In most cases, I'd say yes. For me?- I just can't live like that, I'm too scared.. but I am also proud to be in control of my money, and boy, if I had more of it, the things I would be doing!
Never miss out on an experience that you can indeed afford, that's what I say.  I'll be going to Portland for the first time in November and I cannot wait!

My late baby-dog, Zoe (pictured here in Austria). Zoe traveled over 5 countries at the age of 16 before returning home, to her final resting place, at my parents home in Phoenix. What a wonderful doggy life! What a sweet little spirit.