Another from my European travels.
You know that feeling... when you're sitting outside, only with nature, somewhere dusted with nothing but beauty? The sound of silence crackles between you and the ground and a feeling so lonesome, yet so amazing stretches through every last bone... where your mind unleashes itself from everything it's been wound around and you're free to be everything unbound. Refreshing to be unmasked, shimmers of sun, gold of wheat. Somewhere raw. There you can be, arise, atop the pine needle, so level with the sky. All animal.

I'm craving that feeling. A place not even the sweetest of poetry can deliver. The kind of solitude that brings you to your knees. Someplace your soul is alone.

Can you believe some of the pain some of us have lived through? Lived with. I wish this kind of place for those souls. Somewhere they can heal. Somewhere they can escape. Somewhere so far away that no word can be heard or spoken. Somewhere deep in the crevasses of the mountains. Somewhere safe.