So, today, the world was supposed to end. Or begin to end... or begin to begin to end... something like that. According the the Mayans. In case it didn't, I needed a gift for my boss. A Christmas gift, not a yay, we didn't all die so I can continue to come to work everyday, gift. Nope, not one of those.

Here's what I came up with.

The piece is riveted in a black framed shadow box of just the perfect size. Paper, paint, ink, gold leaf, resin, silk cord, brass. And that, "Weird curly line?" as my dad said, or, "dog hair lookin' thing," as my boyfriend said-- that's my signature. So stop questioning it. The guy at the mall asked me if my signature was seriously just a, "bunch of circles." It's apparent we don't share the same set of eyes. Also, kiss my arse.          ...dumb teenage turd.

I have no end-of-the-world plan.
Austin hopes that the end of the world includes sleighing Zombies.
I hope, if the world actually did end, it'd happen as quickly and quietly as a raindrop to the earth.
A peaceful fall. A quick splash. I would hate to survive just to face the end. Honestly. Sounds terrible. I don't want to fight for food, watch all people turn into criminals, battling each other to make it just one more day. I don't want to constantly be fearful, I'm scared enough of everyday life as it is.
I'm afraid of moths and crickets, how will I survive an apocalypse? That's right, I wouldn't. (Though secretly, I think I could battle my way through...something flashy in my mind, heroic woman kind of thing-- you know, a cinematic kid of deal.) Right.

You know what else I was thinking about last night? Technology.
If I have kids, they'll never know the life I once knew. Life without myspace, facebook, instagram, cell phones! I mean they were around, but no one had them, especially not kids in school. It all weirds me out, and at the same time, I feel so bad for the generations next. What the norm of their lives will be, the standard.. will they have any part of their life to themselves? Any part not dripping in electronic devices or social connection apps. I don't know. I fear for them. Is that a weird fear? It might be more weird if I thought they'd all turn into robots-- with robot arms and go-go-gadget legs and wheels for feet. That'd be more weird.

Time will tell.
As for today? Well, I'm still kickin' it, and nothing has kept me from blogging quite yet.. so that's a good sign. Way to fortune-tell, crazy Mayans.

Happy Holidays everyone.