There are so many things that I love.
Port-o-potties are not one of them.
I drank too much water this weekend and was forced to use one.
It was terrible.

I did, however, find a new bike route on my way to work--and it was mighty fun.
I also wore my most favorite, collage of an ensemble, and that made things even better.

Back to the plethora of things I am smitten with.

Jewelry making, ceramics, resin art, woodworking, printing...
however, since I am currently neither retiered, nor rich, I must choose.

Obvious jewelry isn't going anywhere, nor do I need a class to do it... sooo, I have chosen ceramics. I start a class with my friends after the new year. I'm at level, pee-my-pants, excited. Many porcelain objects will be blowing up my blog-o-sphere soon enough. I know, you can't wait.

Oh, another thing I'm not insanely excited about? My boyfriend refusing to even trim his "movember" mustache until I cut my ratty little dog, Indy's, hair.  It's currently growing into his mouth. I'm convinced it's like having a 24hr tooth brush... so, maybe it's a good thing? No, it's not, it's gross.

I promised him, if he would let me take this, that I wouldn't share it with anyone, but you know what... that 'stache is really making me nuts. It's like living with a human walrus. Every time is see it I have the urge to yell, "It's-a me! Mariooo!" Am I right? I feel like it should at least give him the magic power of being able to cook supreme, Italian food.. or roll a perfect meatball by just looking at a pile of ground beef.

In actuality, it doesn't. I'm going to flip him upside down and use him as a push broom to clean the garage.