Today is Crafeteria, but all I can think about is... How did this seashell get in my pants?

I'll be busy today making a few little last minute things that it just feels like I should have, but not before seeing the bottom of this coffee mug. With one dog on my head and another trying to smoosh her entire 65lb frame against me last night, I wouldn't really say that the quality of my sleep was anything worth talking about.

We don't have a Christmas tree yet, but we did get a reed diffuser that is "frasier fur" scent from Austins mom. Yeah, I know, it doesn't even begin to count.. but it tricks me every morning as I walk down the stairs. It gives me some glint of a feeling that it's Christmas time here in the desert... the desert that seems to be confused about what time of year it is.. my mom was wearing shorts yesterday! Shorts! It's just not ok anymore. How do I get into contact with the weather? Anyone have it's email address? This 70 degree shit is killing me.

Anyways, here's a little special piece I'm doing just for Crafeteria tonight.

There's something about them. I'm obsessed right now. Brass chain, coming right up!