I've gotta pee!
Ooops, I mean, PEA!

I came home this week, after a very fun few days of snowboarding up north, to see that my very first blossom has finally shaped into a tiny pea.
So, just as any normal person would, I photographed it as if it were my first born child.

Then I got distracted.

You know, my favorite thing about my pea plant probably isn't even the harvest... it's the plant.
It's like Christmas with a small child- you give them a bicycle, they want the box.

But, the tendrils. I'm so captivated by them. How just a mere suggestion of a lattice turns them spiraling to grasp. There's something about this one. The plant using the support of itself to grow. To hold on. How perfectly wrapped. How silently wonderful nature is.
I am just consumed by it... by simple silence- by the unnoticed.


Here's another.

I'm pretty positive that this photo is all I need to smile for the rest of my life.
I almost find myself at a lack for words when I think about this girl. She has brought something to my life, a feeling to my heart, a beat to my existence that I never knew I could have. Every time I look at it, I'm overwhelmed with the love that I have for her and the companion she has become to me.
We truly rescued each other.
Thanks for being such a beautiful model, dear Frank.

Keeping it simple.
Half square, half round.
Rolled with a squash leaf.
Fossilized sand dollar.

TGI-freaking-F my dear readers.