It's cold today.

Were talkin' 22 degrees on my way to the gym this morning, cold.
I live in the desert. If it's going to be 22 degrees, I want snow with it. I like to say it's a dry cold. Makes it more intense. Plus, New York was in the high 50's today. This world never makes much sense, does it?

My hands are chapped. Red and dry. I'm wrapped up like a burrito on my couch. We keep our house pretty chilly in the winter- not so much because we want to, but more so because sweatshirts and slippers are free, well... after you purchase them that is...that's silly. The dogs have been upstairs in bed all day, cozy and warm, curled up and recirculating.

Warm cups of coffee and tea have kept me bumbling.

In my world, that's the name of a parakeet.

A blue and white, cute little twerp of a bird whose feathers are doing wonders for my metalwork.
He's not mine, but boy am I loving him. Thanks to a jeweler friend who is keeping me supplied.

See what I mean? Nothing ever seems to be better than that which nature provides.

Those photos makes me realize that these finger tips are in really rough shape.  Lets not look at those too closely, ok?

Hope your week is off to a good start!
Have a wonderful Tuesday!