How ironic a word.
So simple on the lips.
So hard to apply.

Have you ever resolved to simplify your life? To so honestly sit in front of everything you have and to take it away? To dissolve not only what you do not need materialistically, but emotionally as well?

Austin and I have. How's it going? Well, I'd give myself a B-, and then I'd be really honest with myself and change my grande to a D.
Austins doing a little better. Ok ok, a lot better. He's always been good at it.
I need it more.

My mind feels so cluttered lately that I feel handicapped. I've been procrastinating anything and everything, and then the minute I feel like I'm ready to get after it, I lose my steam. I blame it on my studio being far too small for my needs, on the weather and our house being cold, on other commitments. And then I get sick.
The fact is, life takes honesty. It takes strength. It takes commitment.
Nothing is keeping me from my work, from success, from anything, but myself.
But how simply you can talk yourself in the other direction. How easy it is to sit down and ignore what's calling you. How quickly a day passes, a week, a month, a full year.

The past few days I've been practicing mind over matter.
Today Asutin told me, "Everything's going to be ok."
And then I realized, simple is only hard if I make it hard.
Simple is actually very simple when you simplify it.