Sometimes I think in odd poetic pieces.
Actually, quite commonly I do.
Sometimes I wonder if it's normal.

I doubt it.

I got a new camera yesterday. My first DSLR. Let me tell you how much I love reading the manuals for these things!... zero percent.
I watched some videos today while I was working. How much did my little brains learn? Welp, not much. The "light painting" video happened to stick though- so here's my go at it. I call this one Love Thy Eames. Have I ever mentioned that I'm an Eames addict? Is any mid-century collector/lover/dreamer not? If they aren't... well, they have bad taste. Simple as that. Sorry, it's fact.

I hope Charles and Ray are somewhere up there, looking down on.... etsy--
because, holy-shit, if they are!  Could you imagine being so loved? Making such wonderful things? Making glorious furniture history!? As I ask this, I am acting it out in a deep, loud, and  ...manly, God-like, powerful voice.


I am hoping now that 2013 has greeted you with a soft smile, with good health, and with a fire under your ass so hot that you power through this year with no regrets, no wish-I-had's, no what-ifs. This life is yours. Live it out loud.