Be prepared. You are about to see the most random collection of findings that your little eyes can handle.
The Tucson Gem Show was amazing... I kind of want to go back already. Even though it was incredibly overwhelming.
African Beaded necklaces and amazing (insanely heavy) old coins.

"Artifacts" as the bowl was labeled (bones), fossilized walrus teeth (yes, more), and turquoise in a whole bunch of different forms (hey, sometimes you just need a skull bead, am I right?)....

Lots of gem stone beads.

 ...and lots of gem stone cabochons.


Freaking juicy.

I also collected a happy amount of new hand tools, a nice leather sandbag, and some beautiful wooden necklace forms for my retail booth.
I may have also bought a whole lot more.

But shit, now it's looking glutinous and greedy. I'm not admitting to anything!

I foresee a lot of new work in my future... are you ready for it? What's your favorite? I'd love to hear from you.

Oh, and I almost forgot!

I awoke Saturday, in Tucson (yes, Arizona), to snow!
It was gorgeous.

So of course, me and my little niece collected snowflakes on our heads and enjoyed the chilly white.