I think these photos say it all.
People, I am officially out of my rut!

Antler, druzy, rough kyanite, and sterling. All I could think of when I made this piece was the findings of winter. The shed antler laying beneath the melting snow (the druzy- do you see it? Icy layers of white winter under sparkling night sky). Small leaves of hopeful budding life peaking from a blanket of crystal. The birds returning and the cacti looking a little more green with breath.

Do you know that sound of spring? The feeling?
Maybe it's something I've made up in my head.

The noise the sun makes as it kisses everything in its arms.
That newness is something wonderful.
The hope.
THE T-SHIRTS! I love t-shirts.
Simple. Soft. Light.

This piece would really look great with the simplest, loose, white v.

p.s. this chain is new new new and we're engaged! True love, my friends.