Super. Exciting. News.

...well, maybe more so for me than for you, but maybe you can humor me here for a minute.

Yesterday, I found out that my work was mentioned in US Airways, In-Flight Magazine! I probably could have peed my pants, but considering I was at work, I chose not to.
You know, the one that flies around with bored people who read it only because they're trying to ignore all of the other annoyances of flying, including the gregarious stranger next to them!? Yes? That one!
So pick one up on your next flight, tell the weirdo next to you to that you don't care about his kids, or his grand-kids, or his grand-kid's kids.... I mean, really? And brush up on some fun spots in my sunny-ass city!
Or see the online version of the magazine here on page 40. 

The article is called, "Where the Locals Go."

Do you see it!?
Yes, the "popular '602' silver necklace," is mine!

That is all.
I can only hope that your Friday is good to you and that you have the most wonderful weekend.
Take a minute from the hustle and bustle to enjoy the simple things and to breath some fresh air.