The studio's a mess.
Last night, the ceiling rained and flooded the garage.
Toilet-water tears graced much of my beautiful equipment.
I'm an unhappy camper.

So, since I feel like my blog has been somewhat neglected... a full week with no posts- I figured I could share a few shots of Austin and my trip up north.

It'll be a short post, Frankie, locked up here in the bedroom with me while the landlord fixes things (I have to add this: I just accidentally typed "lardlord" and nearly fell over laughing.. if I hadn't caught that and left "lardlord," oh man... now I wish he was fat so I could start calling him that), anyways, her incessant crying has my nerves hanging by strings.

It was the first time ever that Austin and I have gone on a snowboarding trip without some other company. It was wonderful. The hotel was disgustingly terrifying, but luckily we had a large blanket that we usually keep in the Jeep for the dogs, so we laid that out on top of one of the beds, t-shirt covered our pillows, and hoped we wouldn't be murdered in our sleep.

The weather was phenomenal, and we boarded both days in our sweatshirts. I love warmer boarding days. It beats the cold wind any day.

By the suggestion of a friend, we headed up to Payson, taking a different route than usual. This way, took us through Miami, Arizona. Have you ever heard of it? Have I ever heard of it? Does anyone besides the people who live there even know that it exists? No.
And there's good reason for that. That reason? Well, because it's tiny, disgusting, rundown, and covered in cops just waiting to make Miami an even worse town than it already appears to be.
This sounds terrible of me, and I do apologize if you live there, but wow. Miami, you need some serious attention.

We went home our usual way.
And then we broke-up with our friend and left his awful suggestions behind. (Ok, no, we didn't).

Now, back to plaster mess and toilet water.

Happy weekend.
Stay vibrant.