Almost every night, we cook together.

One cleaning, one chopping.

The sizzle of wet veggies hitting a hot pan.

Frank lays on the floor in the corner, obeying the rules, but leaning to see all she can.

Indy's probably catching z's on the couch pillows. Piled high, snuggled at the tippy top, snoozing king of the mountain.

I've plucked small wild flowers from the yards of our neighbors and placed them in a jar of water on the table. I love to collect them as we walk the dogs. The weather here is gorgeous right now.
Candles in every nook and cranny turn our house into a home, and I feel warm with my family.
So content. So happy to all be in one place. So ready to sit at our little table and share the details of our days. Austin usually lays a small kiss on me before we begin to eat, and I know I'm exactly where I should be.

I watch the flowers fall asleep. 

I hope you too find peace at the end of your work day.
That you can enjoy yourself, your family, your time.

Life is beautiful, yet short. Pocket every moment that you can...

and stay vibrant, happy Wednesday.