The other day I got stung by a bee for the first time.
Besides a small bruise and the sudden urge to eat honey- it hurt and I survived.

It's getting down to the wire here. Tempe Festival of the Arts is exactly a week away and I'm feeling nowhere close to being ready. Whenever I start to feel hard pressed, I procrastinate... but I do it in a different way.
Today's procrastination came in the form of bangles.

These two to be exact:

When I procrastinate, I'm actually usually still doing something... it's just not at all what I really should be doing. I should be making a massive amount of earrings. In place of the number massive, I've made two of something else. See how this is a problem?
Two vs. massive.
Massive > two.
Yeah, and now I'm procrastinating further by trying to explain my earlier procrastination to you.

I do have to say that I love them though. They have a really really great weight to them.. and together? Oh man.. it's sensational.

It's beginning to look like my snarky pants will be on all weekend. I hope Austin can handle it.