Things are getting crazy over here as I try to get things made for Tempe Festival of the Arts.

I've tried to focus on what things I really want to make, I've tried to reduce down what I'd be creating to keep a small product line, I've tried.
I've only somewhat succeeded.
I just can't not make one-of-a-kinds! I love them. I so so so love them.

I have so far managed to make a whole bundle of one of my favorite rings and the few one-of-a-kinds I've showed in the last few posts and have put them up in my etsy shop. I like to offer things before my shows to those who don't live in the area.
I'm really excited for these.
I think they're some of my most simple, but sweet creations, but also my most well crafted.
I love seeing my skills come together. To get better. To understand, in different ways, what can be done with only a few materials.

I don't think I could ever get tired of metal. Shaping it. Hammers and anvils. Torches and saws. Thousands of techniques. Unlimited possibilities.

What a lovely way to earn a living, I must say.