Two of my most favorite things in one: jewelry and Frankie.

I don't think it's possible to love her face more than I do. Look at those eyebrow whiskers! Those brown eyes!
There's something even more special about her though... Something that you cannot see here through this picture that I wish you could- and that is her loyalty and her love.
She loves doing the things we've trained her to do. She cares about Austin, Indy, and I like we are her pack. She's there on days when I need her the most, and she warms my heart more than I could even explain... and the best part is, I can tell she needs us just as much as we feel like we need her. She was a rescue who was in desperate need of rescue- and she thanks us for that every single day of her life.

I've been really into roller printing lately, as you can see in the copper on the last two photos. There's something I've found I really like about a piece that both contains something very literal (the cut out birds) and figurative (the leaf pressed into the metal). I have really been struggling with which way I wanted my jewelry to go, but when realized I could marry the two, without it being too much, I didn't really need to choose. I guess I'm also kind of hoping that it meets buyers in the middle- giving them something they can both see, understand, and relate to, while also offering art and design.

The response so far has been really great, and that excites me. It's really important to me that I create things that people love, that they covet, that make them think, "this is special," and that one of my pieces may be passed down to generations next.

I know it's silly. I know it's just jewelry... but I guess it's the pieces and things in my life that have been handed down to me that make me realize how important something like this could become to someone. The small material things that remind us of a loved one... that make us feel closer and connected. The things that hold someones memory.
I love that.

I really hope you've had a wonderful weekend (and Easter, if that's what you celebrate).
I hope you've taken time out for yourself before returning back to work.
We all need a little bit of peace.

xox- a.