This is my art.
My craft.
My heart.
My mind- to paper- to metal.

This is my process.
My work.
My practice.
A work in progress. 

This is my existence.
My dinner.
My bread for my family.
A way to give to others. 

This is my dream.
My passion.
My learning.
A collection of my pieces.

..when it leaves me, it is not just a piece of metal.
It is not just a ring.
Not just a sale.
Not just a thought.
It is a part of me.
It is my experiences, my attention, my hopes.
It is a building block to my future.
It is a treasure of my heart.
The roots of my mind.
The stem of my creativity.
It is a part of who I will be and who I can be.
It's something so much further down.
Something that I hope can be appreciated for more than just its definition.

This is where I hold my hands out and ask you to believe in me.
To believe in art-
and to never stop teaching it.