Time flies.
Sometimes I wonder where the heck it went and how it got there...
High-speed train?
Jet pack?
The DeLorean?

I had a birthday while out of town.
All month my sister was saying, "can you believe it's your last year in your twenties!?"  (It isn't- I turned 28) but every single time she said it I had a choke-up, freak-out-moment and then sighed in relief.  She thought it was hilarious. And she got me every time.
This is where I hashtag my life with: youngersisterproblems.

Along with finally visiting my Grandfather at Arlington Cemetery, I had another request. 
Jimmie Cone for my birthday.

Jimmie Cone is a tiny little ice cream shack, in the heart of my little hometown, in Damascus, Maryland. Been there for 50+ years.
We celebrated everything there.
I loved it wholeheartedly. Granted there were no other choices...
I still love it.

Happy Birthday to me! :)

How can you not love rainbows that you can eat!?
Right, impossible.
I used to ask my mom when people started to look like adults.  (People have always thought me to be far younger than I am).
Her response was 30.
Well Mom, I love you, but you were wrong.
It's 28. One the dot. At the exact minute that the clock strikes twelve. The second the calendar flips.
I see my self now- my hands, my legs, my skin... and think... "shit, it's happened/ing."

The rest of what I remember (of my hometown) ended up presenting itself as a somewhat sad reality- proving the wonderland of life through a child's eyes.
It was better then though. I know that to be true... and the reality is, I'm glad I left while it was in it's prime... while it was still beautiful to me.

I still can't deny missing that almost-claustrophobic, overgrown amount of green though. 
All that colorful plant life, and those big, amazing old trees, that soft cushy grass- all makes me so happy.

So perfectly natural.