Hello, Loves.

I fear I've neglected you a bit.
Caught up in work, and casting classes, working out, soccer games...
I've been a busy bee, and I've had some amazing orders come my way last week, which of course, are my first priority...
but I promise, I love you no less.

I feel like my hypothetical child has just asked me, "Who do you love more?" And it makes me realize- my answer is just as a parents would be, "I love you both, equally."

This is my new, antique bronze casting grain...
Is it not beautiful?
When I received it in the mail the other day, I carried the little pouch around like a leprechaun with a box full of gold.
It's like carrying around pebbles of solid honey, and it's just so fantastically shiny.

Once you see what it can make, what it can become...
How can you not be in love?
Just waiting to show you the finished product makes me squeaky with excitement! 

And then there's this.
I hardly have words for how perfectly this transformed into metal.
For those of you who may not be familiar, this is a yucca pod. They grace our desert landscapes every spring, and I'm always sure to pick at least a hundred of them... loving them the same every single time. Loving them as if I've never seen them before.
And hey, when you can't beat the beauty of nature, spin it into silver.
And so I have.


What's new in your world, birds? I would love love love to know...
I want to know what you're up to- what you're planting, what your cooking, good books?, inspirations, resolutions?- surely you can make some now, January is not the only month of choice and planning, hoping and dreaming.    

I'm sprouting some "broccoli and friends" on the windowsill and the dog-farm is currently battling each other around me, quickly making laps around the coffe table, spinning circles, and making it sound like the carpet will surely unravel and spin me up in a berber cocoon.  (I forgot to mention that we are currently babysitting an extra 2 dogs around here...and it is utter k9 chaos).

In more dog-news, Frankie, our Shepherd, had an allergy test. The poor thing has been itching, raw, wearing a cone for months now-- and it turns out (I feel like I need a drum roll for this because it's so completely ridiculous) she is allergic... to cats.
That's right, my dog, allergic to cats. And not just allergic, but "highly allergic."
There you have it, I'm pinning us some sort medal for that bit of weird.
Possibly a blue one.
I believe we deserve it.