Lets be honest.
I have little patience.
I know that may seem impossible (giving what I do for a living)...
it's very not.

This is the soul survivor of my 3 coxcomb that I transplanted from tiny sprouts- via my greenthumb sister..

I've been dying to know what color I was going to get!
So impatiently waiting for a flower to appear.

She's a beaut!... and lemme tell you, this girl loves the sun!
Can you believe all the bright? Mmmhm, I love it.

I've been doing a lot of planting lately, and I'm happy to say almost everything has survived... minus one heartbreak of a day where I found both my tomato and bush beans dead...fried... doornail status.

I'd cry if the desert heat hadn't taken my tears along with the lives of my future harvests.
What can I say, mother nature is cruel when you live on the surface of the sun.

...and persistence.
Life is all about this.

Trust in that, and you shall prevail.
I believe that to be true.

I hope your weekend was good to you, birds.
I hope you got to spread your wings a bit...
got to take off the weight of the corporate world...
got to worry less..
and enjoy more.

You're worth that.