She walks with her heart out of saddle and her mind untethered.
She dreams in a color shes never seen.
She borrows time and pays in hope.
Sings songs passed down to her from her mother.
She holds on to memories like dandelions- sends one off with every breeze.

She remembers the words of her father-
the lessons of those before her.
She walks each step with thought of preservation-
and lets the moon light dance upon her shoulder.
She is strong with words of armour
used more often than she'd wish.
But she stands as true as her oak heart
and shelters those who love her.
She dances coyote howls and sleeps with ravens-
both a huntress and a dreamer....
she is exactly who she was meant to be.

a full balloon, floating in the sky- carried in the direction of the wind- 
risking the strings of her soul for adventure.