Thrift store addict.
Nifty-thing collector.
Vintage lover.
Mid-century modern dreamer.

Unfortunately it doesn't all scream tasteful.
BUT, you can change that.

What I'm about to show you (I'm kicking myself for not taking a before picture), used to look exactly like this.
I know, it hurts. Your eyes will heal, I promise I'm here to help you... (lets also note that this piece actually sold- so if you have one, it's apparent you aren't alone, though you probably should be).

There's still hope.

Here's what I did.

Step one:     Rip that nasty, dirty old piece of moss and log out- better yet, do it while you're still in the store... You don't want anyone to think you actually want that thing. 
No no, leave the butterflies too, please. This isn't arts and crafts, no sneaking off with those.

Step two: Dirt. 

Step three:     Sedum, succulents, cacti.... you name it, if it's drought tolerant, it will be happy and  look fantastic. (which isn't hard when you're up against a dusty butterfly from some purple-painted, hippie-loving van from 1960.

Step four:     Water and let dry out with the door open for a few days... get those plants comfortable.

Step five:     Stack up a few old books, top with your new vintage terrarium, enjoy life with something that living butterflies actually would too.

It's quite a beautiful thing to look at, don't you think? I love things planted in glass, seeing the dirt, the roots, the whole composition. There's something great about that. Plus, you can't ever go wrong with a terrarium or any house plants for that matter.

Here are a few more ways I incorporate my vintage finds with some nice, green plants in my home. 

Have a good one, lovelies. 
And as always, thank you for letting me share my home and life with you, I truly love doing so.

xo- A