A place like this.
It almost seems hard for me to believe it can exist.
It's just too much beauty.
This was Austin's favorite trip of our trip.
Yes... we did a lot of driving.
 A different city everyday- much like what we did in Maryland.
We have started to call it flash touring. And we may be professionals at it.

Hanging Lake. Colorado.
Is it not magnificent?

The hike to it is a long and steep one, but its gorgeous.
At one point, it's nothing but ferns. I collected those things like a beaver collecting wood to build his summer home.
I was a fern collecting fool.
We sandwiched them in a magazine in the truck when we got back- I held on to them like sheets of pure gold. Admittedly, a little Smeagol like, from Lord of the Rings. The next day when I opened it up... Poof! The seeds had all not only fallen off, but did their seedy things they do with even more little dusty looking seeds and scattered instantly all over everything.
Boy + new truck + seeds and dusty things everywhere... well, he's a good sport.
Golly, he has put up with a lot.
I think in the back of his head he enjoys it.
At least I'll tell myself that. 
It's the price you pay for me I guess. I'm glad he thinks I'm worth it.

I'm hoping a wonderful rest of the week for you all.
Give yourselves a peaceful day of rest this weekend. Enjoy the little things, sniff some fresh sunshine. It's good for you.