Gold cacti anyone? (Ok ok, they're really bronze)....but they sparkle like gold.

These are still, very much so, a work in progress, but they were just so pretty I had to share.
Tiny bits of desert.
A drip of honey.
A few drops of sun.
A gift from the casting gods. 

Heavy little things, I tell ya.

The rest of his body is planted sweetly on my windowsill, I promise, he lives on!

I hope you had a beautiful start to your week yesterday.

I've been guzzling down raspberries like no ones business- staining my fingers and tongue pink.
I just love dissecting each tiny pod in my mouth. Perfect texture. Perfectly symmetrical. Every bit, so juicy.

The desert has finally reeled in the clouds, and we're starting to get monsoon fever over here.
Haboobs chase you down the highway and our backyard is filled with all of the dust in the valley. Humid days here are such a weird feeling. I could have actually been in Texas yesterday, I'm not sure.

I saw the quote today, "Success is a staircase, not a door."
I fell in love.

I mentioned the other day, after posting a necklace, that I felt like I was 'right where I belong,' and I was lucky enough to feel that all through the week, all through the weekend- so right, so comfortable, feeling so true to myself and who I am.
I obviously had to expand on that piece.
I needed to make more.
And I am continuing to do so.

Currently on my bench, a fossilized sand dollar and a green agate.
Ready to become a part of this series.

Second piece in the series. I feel like my work in these pieces is so much more powerful than anything I have created-
There's so much energy, so many elements- a perfect talisman. Sold :)

The comments, compliments, advice.
The beautiful words my friends, my colleagues, my family, veteran 'smiths, complete strangers have given me on that piece were beyond amazing- and far beyond confirming.

The success of my business is about this.
It's about all of my skills, my hard work, the steadiness of my hand, the craftsmanship of my pieces- all coming together to meet my mind.
All coming together to prove to me that I am working and moving towards a goal.
All pieces and parts being successful.
All pieces and parts being the totem poll of what makes my work mine. 
No part of this journey has been as easy as opening a door, but each step that I climb has been 110% worth it.
And I know that this staircase goes even further than I can imagine.
And I know that I will continue to walk each gradation with a thankful mind and a humble heart.

I am so grateful for each and every one of you.