My gorgeous sister. My best friend. A beautiful person.
There's desert dust in my veins.
Prickly pear in my heart.
The reflection of grey mountains in my eyes.

The Arizona sun has burned something into me.
A jackrabbit soul.
The fiber of who I've become and who I have grown to be is somewhere rooted in the uncultivated wild.
Bones of rammed earth.
A mind of hot pink sunsets.

My hands write stories of where I've bloomed.
I see that now...
and I feel thankful. 

And so I will be that.

I will be a woman of the wild desert.
I will represent that land that I've looked at for so long as something less than what I've understood beautiful to be.
...and I will treasure it.

And deep down, on the bottom of the feet of my soul, there will always be grass stains.
My east coast existence. 
My beginning.