Iron and dibble?
Just the most exciting thing ever.

My super brainy, super beautiful, super awesome sister has started a super awesome etsy.
Too much super for you?
I didn't think so. 

This weekend she was up from Tucson and we did a fun little photo shoot of her new products.
I'm in complete love with the bottle openers. They are clever, cool, and well designed. I really hope to see some men scooping them up (mainly because I never really get to sell to men). They'd be perfect as groomsmen gifts and I love that they're stylish enough that you could leave them out on your counter top or table. I imagine one on a suave stack of coffee table books in a bachelor pad or outside by the grill.
Yes, I may be her biggest fan, but I don't think you can deny the awesome.
Oh, also- these babies (and most of her other work in her shop) are all made from recycled materials from the scrap yards.
Hell yes for recycling. 

I'm mostly excited about this endeavor of hers because, well... she gets to play with her creativity... she gets to bring her love for gardening, welding, and blacksmithing to a whole new level. I love that it gives us so much to discuss. I love that it has shown her a piece of my world.
I'm excited that she is excited.
I'm just really happy about it? Have you caught that?

Ok fine, I have to admit, I might also get a wee bit of enjoyment from the fact that I know something that she doesn't, that I can be her teacher for once, that she's asking me for advice. It's kind of nice being the one that knows something for once... even though she is basically a rocket scientist (no really, she builds missiles for a living... yeah).
Though, if she had paid attention 15-20 or so years ago, she would have learned that you just have to let the other one make the mistakes first. Then, even if you do screw up, no one's surprised. (Mom and Dad, you can skip reading this part).  ;)

If you ave any interest in checking her out, you can see her etsy here.

A little bird told me that she may also be having a giveaway later this week on Instagram @ironanddibble for one of her chevron bottle openers. Get there so you don't miss it!

I hope you had the most wonderfully, fantastic, perfect weekend, my birds. 
I'm so thankful to have you around here to share my life with. 
You're truly the best.