This weekend I realized... that I am pretty g-damn lucky.

Not that I didn't already know... but I wanted to acknowledge it.
My life is rich.
I get to share it with the most amazing of people.
People that I love.
People who love me back.

Austin, the fuzzy butts, and I went to Tucson this weekend to hang out with my sister and BIL.
There was mountain biking, sawing, swimming, torching, welding...
and then Sunday morning there were espressos and homemade, dried cherry scones.
My brother-in-law: the jack of all trades. He's pretty fantastic.
I'm so glad I can say that.

I wish you could have had one, they were phenomenal.

Most importantly, I got to spend quality time with my sister.

As I drove to work today, I thought about that.
I thought about how far we've come as both sisters and friends.
I thought about our own personal journeys.
I tried to think about my life without her.
I found it nearly impossible.

My sister is the biggest gift of my whole life.