No. 1
This talisman was ordered by a customer for his wife for their 7th wedding anniversary. The couple had recently been robbed, and the thieves took all of her jewelry. (I know- I would die). This is redemption. Hope to fill a small void. Love. Wishing to start over.
The couple got married in Autumn (the leaf), and the wife loves blue and green (the turquoise, because come on, who doesn't love it? and blue and green? hello!)- If it didn't have the "T & D," I'd seriously consider keeping it for myself and starting over... I've already thought of "T & D" replacement meanings... Trees & Dirt!   Tools & Dreams! Tonsillitis & Dentures!... ok maybe not that one.
Alas... this piece is not meant to be kept, and I cannot wait for it to be gifted.

No. 2
Mini sand dollar ring.
Because gift giving is fun! From a beautiful customer of mine to her SIL for her birthday.

No. 3
Custom Human!?
Yup... made just for me.
I don't know where he came from (there's no tag), but I'm guessing somewhere really bright and shiny because his smile lights up my life everyday.