I've been disconnected.
Leaving thought and opinion and whisper behind.
I've left behind those things that were keeping me behind.
I haven't looked back... for what's behind me cannot hurt me.
And I like that.
And my work has benefited...
and my happiness too. 

I'm in, what I like to call, "beast mode," over here. "Beast mode," is a cleverly worded phrase that really just means- "Holy shit, I've procrastinated for far too long and I have Christmas shows coming up and I have nothing..." mode. (Please read that without breathing between any of the words).
Yes, the holidays have arrived... and it's time to sand my fingers numb.

My photo for "beast mode" was taken with my phone- because my camera died, and when you're in "beast mode," all of the important, small things fall to the side and your hair looks like it got caught in the blender, and your clothes have three layers of metalsmithy stuff, and you get things done anyway that you know how.
I never said "beast mode" was pretty.
"Beast mode" is not pretty.

I'll be here awhile.