"She thought she could, and so she did."

This has been a journey for me.
An amazing, wild journey.

When I look back at where I was, where I begun... I marvel at where I am now.

I've. worked. my. ass. off.
I have. I have worked hard. 
And, quite honestly, I'm proud.
I'm thankful.
...and this is nowhere close to the end.

Today marked the completion of teaching my 6th resin class.
In my head, closing that door, I thought: Wow, look. Look at where I am. Look where I have come. Look who I am becoming.
This wasn't some party for myself. I'm not here to gloat. This is just truth. This is acknowledging and being proud of an adventure that I decided to take myself on over 7 years ago. This is my passion... metalsmithing. The teaching is a bonus. The fact that people pay money to learn from me... that's amazing. That's overwhelming. That brings me so much pride, so many emotions.. it truly makes me speechless. Every time.

I love that my family supports me. That they have been by my side, at my shows, carrying both my booth and myself every single time I have ever asked them to- every time they have ever noticed that I've needed it. They have been there. They tell me that they have noticed the growth in my creativity and my craftsmanship, as have others... and my heart swells that others see that in me. That my growth is noticed. That my hard work is paying off.
I am so thankful- because I am so full of love.
I am humbled every single day.
I am loved more than I have ever let myself believe.
Acknowledging that love...  makes my eyes swell with tears.
I have come so far and I have so many people to thank for that.

So thank you. From the bottom of my heart- from my head to my feet- from all that drives me...
Thank you.

I'm excited to share this piece.
It's hands down, the best resin job I have done to date.
"Somewhere deep within- the place where I begin," in the most unpoetic way, is my way of saying- This is in me. I was born to do this. It's in my blood.
This is truly a passion. 

I've sanded it today- and will attach the actual necklace piece on tomorrow.
I can't wait to share the finished piece with you.

I also went with the poppies for a special reason also- and I'll she that later as well.

Until then, pretty birds.
Have a wonderful night.