There she is.

I just can't get the colors right on this thing (photography wise). The blues in the resin and the bead colors are WAY off and I give up! 
I know a lot of people may be questioning my use of the African trade beads, but I love them. I just wish I could let you see them in their true color and not this bright craziness they're appearing to be.

This is my happy necklace.
A true labor of love.
And a vomit of color.
Bright, happy, easy breezy.

As for the poppies.
I traveled Europe a few years back.
The moment we hit Italy...
wild poppies everywhere.
Gorgeous. Surprising. Meaningful.
I picked a heap.
Pressed them in my journal...
looked at them everyday.
Gorgeous pieces of earth.

That trip is one that will stick in my heart forever.
That red speckled land.
Those poppies so free.
The time I spent with the people I love.

That is why these poppies were made.
Why they hang on a strand full of happiness, color, song...
because this is a reflection of myself.
my time on that trip.
The feelings I have for the lands we explored.

All of my memories- each a bursting color, a story, a piece of a larger picture.
A smile behind my heart.
No matter how hard the time.