Today is my beautiful sisters Birthday.
It kinda makes me want to throw up for her, but it also fills my eyes with tears of happiness.
Every time a year rolls by for her, I know it's happening to myself too.
I know it's happening to those two girls I remember.

Drawing invisible lines in the car on road trips that neither one was allowed to cross over. 
Playing games on the floor in our Maryland house with our dad dying in laughter.
Fighting over hair ties. (Ha, yes, that happened).
Having food eating contests for who got to sit shotgun.... that always ended up in someone actually throwing up. Why did our parents let us do that?
Going to the beach and hiding, spying on our older cousins.
Burying each other in the sand.
Having upside down, sippy cup, water drinking wars.
Playing upside down Nintendo. 
...I kind of remember a lot of things being done in the spiteful, older sister, bullying sort of way... which it probably was, but lets face it, I had a soft shell.

Lindsey, you are my best friend.
For me, we will always be those two girls.
I wish nothing but the happiest life for you.
I wish for all of your dreams to come true.
I wish that you never hold back.
I wish that you do everything from the bottom of your heart and live you life, every single day, to the most very fullest of full.
To me, you are the most important person on this planet.
I love you.
Happy 30th.

xo Ash