I have been thinking about the world without man.
Not in an apocalyptic way, but as if we had purely never existed.

I watch the set drop.
The roads cave like quicksand and grasses, tress, and shrub root and rise.
The mountains reconstruct their faces where machine tore and crumbled.
The waters dissolve into nothing but purely clean masses where animals glide in ecstasy.

What a perfectly wild place.
What a free home.
What a natural existence.

The quiet only ever interrupted by a flock of bird song, grasses playing hums and hush as the wind strums their long chords, the bumble of the ever working honey bee...
Imagine all the bees.
Imagine the cleanest of sky.
The rush of everything feral.
The draping of the night sky so covered in stars- laying soft like silk across it all.

How untamed this world would be.

How beautiful and fantastic it is within me. 

A friend of mine told me of a place.
A place so quiet- it scares.
A place you can be in such silence.
Just you and your heartbeat.

In a few weeks, I'll take the boler there.
To see the world as the wild.
To escape the sounds that harbor in my ears.
To hear each beat of what makes me rise each day.

To hear solitude.
To saturate my soul.