It's incredible when you can look back at a year and see everything you've done.
Where you started.
Where you've finished.

When you can look back and say, "Wow, I did all of that?"

When you can see your own growth.
When you've built your own ladder.
When you summit your yearly goals.

That's why this life is so amazing.
That's why hard work is so rewarding.

I am so happy I have this small space of the web.
So thankful I have such amazing people to share it with...

So grateful for everything.

Thank you.


I finished this year up with some beautiful things.
Such wonderful, personal gifts...
So busy that my own family kind of got gypped.
I'll make sure that doesn't happen next year. (I promise).
...but I am thankful, and I know they are too. 

Kim found this arrowhead in the lake on her property in Florida- I know, unbelievable, right?
She had a handful more, but this one has always been the truly special one.
It looks like citrine to me and it glows like a drip of golden honey in the sunshine.
I can't even explain to you the feeling you get from just holding it. 

Her husband snagged it from her stash and sent it to me with the hopes of getting something that would truly showcase it- that would give her the ability to show off something so beautifully primitive- that would be a wearable connection to both their land now and what it used to be.

Her daughter, and good friend of mine, Jess, collected the wings off of a dragonfly (naturally expired) from the property and sent those too. That, combined with a few little sparkles of stone, came together into a piece that I hardly have words for.
A piece that had me feeling so connected.
A piece that almost made me cry.
It wasn't just something pretty that I was able to make.
It wasn't just a necklace.
It felt like a collection of a families love.
I could see Gregg and Jess' love for Kim. Love for a wife. Love for a mother.
It exploded out of them.
I could see it shining all around their hearts, bright like sunshine.

A piece I know will be handed down from generation to generation.
A true heirloom. 

Talisman Number... 8, I believe.
Gifted to a daughter. 

Bright with green turquoise, splashed with a small dash of garnet.
Winged and sprouted.
Stamped by its maker.



This one.

I had such a hard time sending this one off.
It was the only fern of its size, out of a batch of about 7, that I could get to roll without breaking in half.
It curled so beautifully.
Perfect on the wrist.
Adorned with a turquoise.

A daily wear I would never want to take off. 

Another gift for a daughter.


Again, thank you for letting me share.
Thank you for being here.

I'm wishing you all and happy and healthy New Year.
Be well, birds.