Sometimes I feel immobilized by the rush. Lost and locked in the avalanche that's destined to hit. 
Running from everything behind me, only to turn around and see it another step closer.
Gaining on me. 

Sometimes I don't know where to turn, what to say, who to believe. 
Sometimes I'm going every wrong direction.
Sometimes I'm completely lost.

I am human.

I will not let this world steal my bliss.

Where every move is notified, I will hug my ignorance.
I will close my eyes.
I will cover my ears.
I will not jump.

Do not let your bones become digital.
Do not let your heart become a status update.
Do not let a keyboard rule the work of your hands. 
A soul is not something that can be downloaded.

Remember you are human.
Love yourself.
Remember they are human.
Love them, also.

Remember to respect your differences.

Remember this is your only chance.
Live this day.
Live this life.
Live this one.