"People throw rocks at things that shine, but you're prepared... SO SHINE ON!"

As I rode my bike today, I realized something about the trees that I really love.

I closed my eyes and let the wind breath its chill across my face. The leaves laid patterns across my lids. Flashes and splashes of light. A movie behind what only I get to witness. My own space. My quite place. My minds resting spot.

This year we are making large changes, Austin and I.
I'm not much for "new years resolutions," but it did seem like perfect timing.
The buzz of the holidays over. The rush of orders slowing.

We've de-cluttered, cleaned up, settled on what we truly need verse what we never did.
Sold. Gave. Gifted.
We are tiding not only our lives, but our souls.
We are giving more and taking less.
We are setting stone for a path of good emotional health.
Peace in our home.
Happiness in every crease of our hearts.
People need that. They need realization.
They need exorcism of mental clutter from daily life.
From monthly and yearly life.
It builds up. 

We're finding clarity. We're living for something more. Were enjoying the now.

 I'm loving the changes and they feel lasting. They have been easier than I could have ever expected.

I felt all of that in the light of the trees today.
I felt strong.

Happiness is always one decision away.
This life is a choice.
Every part of it.