I'm holding myself up to the light.
And I am transparent.
Admitting for the first time that I am fragile.
Admitting my bones can break.
Falling into the sunlight.
Uncovering each swollen eye.

I'm here and I am weak.
I'm here and I am honest.
I am giving myself up.
I am giving in.
I am turning over.

I have been found.
I have been left.
I have pulled petal through the sidewalk
and I have made it
I have grown anew.
I am not alone.

The lines of my life come with blurred edges.

the story of being human.
a story of failure, of fight, of one hundred tiny dots compiled into something of beauty.
a story of strength. humility. will.
A life in transit.

Greeting each day in the mirror. 
A silent stare and a recorded thought,

"Go easy on yourself."