Life has been kind of crazy over here. I quit my day job for my day dream this month. I finally did it. I feel so very very free, and yet... there is so much I need to improve on, work on, get done.

I know we all have those projects that we tell ourselves we need to do and then oh, a year or so later... they're still sitting there waiting for us. Am I right?  Yeah, those projects. Don't act like you're not on the same channel here. Whether they are self related, work related, home improvement related... we, as humans, load our plates with to-do lists. And let me tell you, mine is looking painfully long.

Summer is approaching us here in Arizona, far too quickly. We've already hit a 100 degree day, and the hotter it gets, usually the less motivated I become.... the more cranky I become... the more I dread all the time I spend in the garage.
Austin came through for me.
This week he installed a fancy little setup for the swamp cooler. I didn't even ask him to, I hadn't been complaining (yet), which can only mean one thing...
Last summer I must have acted like a dragon.
...aaaand maybe he likes me some too. (and now that I think about it, he has been wanting a new mountain bike).

So in any case, here I am.
I am working my little buns off.
I am pushing towards my dreams... my goals... a new life.

What are you doing this summer?
Have you set any special time aside for yourself?
Do you have a big nasty project you're finally getting around to?
Do you want to come live here in my place and let me take your beach, or your boat, or your big open, wild space? ...because surely I would trade with you.


Here's some of what has been happening in my neck of the woods.
oh, and taxes... but pictures of my crying face weren't proving very attractive.