I've probably never told you about my mad obsession with my sisters chickens.
Probably because it's weird to...

I have a mad obsession with my sisters chickens.

Mainly this one.
Not so much the one you can see in the background.
That one's a chicken from your darkest nightmares. 

This one's name is Kirby.. yes, I realize she's just a funky chicken. Yes, I think it's weird that I have so much to say about this chicken.
Look how cute and grumpy she is. 
Mad obsession.

But do you see her little red hangy beak blobbers?
They feel like Peach-O's.
You know... the candy. The little peach rings with the sugar smacked on each side.
Exactly like those.

I found myself with the urge to put one in my mouth and kind of gnaw on it. I mostly didn't follow through with that urge because chickens are dirty and waxy feeling... they poop a lot.. and I'd rather not have her peck my eyes out.
Because I don't know- because I'm not a chicken, there's still a small glimmer of hope that she would have let me do it.
I still kind of want to.
I think you'd be lying to yourself if you didn't kind of want to now too. 
So I just chased her around the yard and held her in my lap and petted her like a little feathered dog.

Moving on...

Did I mention that we went to Tucson to visit and hang out with my sister for my birthday?
That's what this is about.
Relaxing. Family. ..and stuff.
Sometimes a post about absolutely nothing is the best kind, right? Meh.

Here's a dog without feathers whose neck I also love.
And who actually enjoys me nibbling on it.

Just looking at it now makes me squeak.
The squishiness!

It's the simple things. 

Farmers market loose leaf tea.

Fuzzy things on trees.

...And animal necks.

Austin got me a new camera strap and a ball of algae, which in my book makes him the best ever.
My dad's still questioning why I'm so excited over a ball of "green lint."

An amazing, handmade steel planter from the Swissy... and cupcakes that were far too delicious.
Like go-home-feeling-like-a-loin-roast delicious.
Ride-home-with-your-pants-unbuttoned delicious.

Last, but not least....
Have I mentioned both my sister and I have started on a ceramics line? 
Yes! I can't wait to show you what we've got cooking!

If you were able to make it through this jumble of a post, thank you for being here.
I feel so blessed to have this space to share.
I am so thankful for the wonderful people I have met because of it.
I cannot wait to show you more.

I hope you are all well and am wishing you the very best of the best Friday and a happy weekend.

You are here.
Make it count.