I'm rotating here.
On this tiny patch of sand.
Skimming hand over long grasses as I walk through unknowing.
Putting face to sky as I imagine myself flying.
Letting the sun kiss everything within me.
I'm staying here.
Leaning in, growing, shaking.
I'm holding my hands together, out, up.
Asking for the gift I know I hold to be blessed with the energy of this universe.

I'm asking to be seen, to be understood, but to still be a soft secret on the lips of something different.
To be sacred.
To be shared.
Floating on the clouds of my mind while riding the waves of my heart.

I'm writing it down.
Drinking it up.
Soak it all in.
I glitter with each facet that I know I've cut myself.
I'm still rough on every edge as I turn, I roll, I shape.

And I'm here.
Right here, where I built myself.
Right where I told myself I would be.
Right here, where I first kissed the earth.
Where I said goodbye to everything weighted.
Where I learned to rise.
Where the mountains grew.

I don't know where the road I'm paving will take me, I just know that's what's so exciting about it.

I had commented on my Facebook page with a link to this hammer and joked that it was so beautiful that I would give my first born child to have it. 

I came home from a trip to a package in the mail- sent to me by a friend. 
Hammer inside. 

In both excitement and disbelief I texted him that he was out of his mind, when he explained, "I've been looking for a gift for you purely out of appreciation...I hope this little token conveys somewhat of how your posts on Facebook really effect the lives of others, and especially me. Use this to create, to explode your mind, express your soul, hone your talent, continue discovering your true passion."
I think I cried on and off for the rest of the day. 

I had always hoped that my small positive messages were reaching somebody, I just never really knew if anyone was ever even listening. I posted them more for myself than anyone else.
I cried. I smiled. I hugged that hammer. 

He also asked me to take it to be engraved with, "Where Legends Tread," a line from a poem he had written about the people who he sees as true friends, as strong positive figures, as people who are legends in his own life. 

This hammer has transformed from a tool to a symbol, to a story. 
A dream, a skill, a passion, a drive, a journey, hope, happiness, growth, my path, my business, my future... it is all there. It's the steel, the wood, the words. In my grip, in each blow, in every ping. In each bit of the texture it leaves behind in every piece. 

The story of this hammer. The story of my evolution. 

Thank you, my friend.
From the very depths of my heart.