I have always prided myself on being independent.
For having a mind of my own.
A voice that carries my truths.
A strong backbone.
A strong body.

I work hard daily to keep it all running.
To keep it working.
To support myself.
I like to know that I can.

...but, I prefer to live with love.
With the support of others.
With this tiny family we, him and I, have built.
With knowing that there is someone who will always have my back.
Who extends a hand whenever I fall.
Who will push the door open when I keep trying to pull.

Who will eat the last cookie when I complain about eating too many.

My Tribe.
And though this isn't a full picture of all of the amazing people I have in my life who support me- these two are a big part of my everyday.
I'm so thankful to have them.