There's heart in every inch of my structure.
Who I can. Where I can. When I can. What I can.
And I've stood on this platform one hundred times now.
Offering what's left to the wolves.
With soul pulled from bone
like salmon from the stream.

Giving to get.

And closing my eyes, fully believing that I will walk to the voice that's calling my one unique name.

I've stopped hunting.
I've distanced myself from the pack.
Because I am not of the pack.
I am not of that bloodline.
I am far from any name that links any flesh of that calling.

I've come to find silver in sand and gift it to the one behind me.

It's yours.

Because you can take from me.
You can wrap your name around the structure, tie your mind around the line, hang yourself in front for the entire world to see.
but a soul will never be sewn for you. Not here.

I will walk away bleeding.
I will let you "win."
because darling, your heart has lost.
and I am sorry for that.