I remember where I was... merging from the I10 to the 60 East. I was driving home from work. Driving is when I usually get deep in thought. When I have time to be alone, just myself and the sound of the road (one of my most favorite sounds). When I try to bring up anything and everything that may be inside me- and resolve it before my next destination.

I remembered the conversation with my mom a few weeks before. I remember that she didn't give me the answer that I wanted to hear.
So I called my dad instead.
He answered, and completely disregarding his greeting, I went immediately into asking him what he thought about me starting my own business. Breaking off. Leaving my job. And making it, "happen."
My boss had done it, why couldn't I? (Also disregarding that she had worked a high paid job in retail for 30+ years, where she was able to save a large sum of her income and also disregarding that her husband also had a job that offered the family support and insurance)...
I was lost and I wanted it.

The economy was terrible. Our family had already paid in full when the attacks of 9/11 left thousands of Americans without jobs. And my parents only wanted the best for me. I know that.

My dad being both my loudest cheerleader, and my biggest protector, paused. Now let me tell you, this man speaks in pure poetry 80% of the time, so I knew his response was going to sound good... and it did, if my ears wanted to hear the words "no" and "I don't think so," in the most floral and positive way a person speak them.
He was with my mom. It wasn't a good idea. "Maybe down the road." "Maybe when things were better." "Maybe once I got a real job and had a good savings."
I waited to cry until after I hung up the phone.

Let me tell you, it wasn't five days later that I drove to my local metal supplier and started buying tools. Sometimes it only takes the word "no" to help you realize what it is that you really really want.
Stupid or not.

And so here I am - with a long long way to go. 7 years later. Hours upon hours of hard work, but still with the spirit that I had that first day that I bought my first sheet of metal. Still with the belief that this is exactly where I belong. Still chasing the dream, day by day. Still hoping to get better. And so ever thankful that my parents said, "No." They may have never known it, I certainly didn't know it, but I 100% believe that it was that "no," (and a shit-ton of hard work) that brought me to where I am today. (I love you both so very much- I cannot express how much your love and support means to me every single day- I am truly blessed to have parents like you).
I know I have a long way to go, but I am damn proud that I stuck with it.
This tiny ripple will become a wave...I promise you that. This is just my beginning.