I'm breaking off my edges. Tearing down the walls. Spinning into overdrive. I'm rolling. I am work hardened. Shaped by the beauty around me. I'm learning. I'm loving. I'm growing. I believe in myself. I am becoming. Becoming boundless. 

I am inspired... by a past of being both the hunter and the hunted. By the changes I have made in my life, changes, that if you had asked me ten years ago, I would have never believed that I could have made. I have adjusted my sails 100 different ways until the right wind caught. I am inspired by the growth. I have been polished like a stone on the shore. Pulled in and out by the tides of life, experience, emotion. There is a story on my face. In my skin. In the depth of my eyes. I am a wheel. Ever spinning. Ever collecting. Ever hardening. Ever moving. Each one of us, we are. And we are beautiful, each in our own way, each with our scars, our battle wounds from living, our lips that can always form a smile, if we just choose for them to. 

Grow, darling. 

and do not be afraid of the waves that your existence makes.

Move, darling. 

This body is your always home. 

Smile, darling. 

That curve defines your world.