It's an overcast morning here. It's cool(er), breezy, dark. The morning light is barely peeking through the window. I've already been out to water the vegetables. Over night, two hotdog sized caterpillars visited and decimated the Scotch Bonnet Pepper buffet... I made sure two birds had a very hearty breakfast.

The dogs are playing together below my feet. Frankie pretends she couldn't just rip Indy to shreds, and you can tell, for the moment, he believes he's twice her size.

It's a beautifully slow morning... Austin made us both breakfast and then headed to work, and I'm sitting here sketching over the remainder of my coffee. It's these types of mornings that make me feel so at peace, whole, collected.

The past few days I've had that piece of lyric from Anna Nalick, "Breathe" - "Life's like an hour glass glued to the table," stuck in my head on repeat.

Over dinner Austin and I often discuss time. I question if it's because I work at home, if it's because were 30 now, if it's just like everyone tells you- "Time goes by so fast when you're older." ...but everyday seems like the same day, these days. "How is is already Friday again? It was just Friday."

Though I never really took the time to post about it, my Oregon Birthday trip did happen. Would you believe it if I told you that it didn't rain one single day that we were there? Not a single day. Then, walking back into the airport to fly home, the sky opened and stayed open until we lost sight of what was happening on the ground. It was so beautiful.


If pictures are worth a thousand words, I really have nothing to say. 

I will never forget this amazing time in my life and I am so grateful for the people I have to spend it with. 

Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend. Be safe, enjoy yourself, live every moment. I'll be out paddle boarding the river.